256 lbs/day Undercounter Ice Maker - Koolaire KDF0250A

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Product Details

  • 256-lb. ice production capacity
  • 180-lb. AHRI-certified ice production capacity
  • Condenser takes in and discharges air at the front
  • Water runs over the evaporator plate into cells and is frozen by refrigerant
  • Harvest cycle starts when water flow touches the ice probe for 7 sec.
  • Evaporator is heated with hot refrigerant to release ice from the cells
  • Ice production turns off when the bin is full and the damper is held open for 7 sec.
  • On/off/wash switch for user-friendly operation
  • Condenser offers quick cleanup with its reusable air filter
  • Full-cube ice can be used in cocktails, water, sodas, and iced tea
  • Full cubes melt more slowly than half cubes but do not cool drinks as quickly
  • Full-cube ice size: 0.875 in. x 0.875 in. x 0.875 in.
  • 134-lb. ice storage capacity
  • Ice can be scooped comfortably since the bin door slides up and under the top
  • Uses R404A refrigerant
  • Should not be placed near equipment that generates heat or in direct sunlight
  • Required ambient air temperature: 39.2-100 degrees F
  • Required incoming water temperature: 39.2-90 degrees F
  • Required incoming water pressure: 20-80 PSI
  • CE approved; cULus listed; California Low Lead qualified; AHRI and NSF certified
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